Don’t join with this consultancy, it is horrible place to work, NO on time pays, unexpected cuttings in each and every month salary, before joining with them they will promises to fulfill all our requirements and after joining everything is different, it is very painful... they will start discussing in native language which is their trick to pursue the person to join with them.

They are stone hearted persons, it is not the lady oriented. They don’t support employees; they always look for their amount. They gave very hard time to me without paying my salary. I lost $5800 (3300+1500+600) working with them.

This consultancy takes H1 transfer amount from employees. I have gone through lot of pain working just 6months with them; it was worst experience in my career and in my entire life. Before joining they asked me to pay the H1 transfer amount they said they will return after 6months but then never returned that. They will promise to pay good salary and good percentage, but never pays accurately.

To me they promised to pay 70% but I got less than 60%, when I came to know actual rate client paying, I was shocked and disappointed. And they started deducting salary amount for my GC process, which is never applied, whereas before joining with them they promised to pay GC with their expenses but everything is false. When I started fight for this they responded with very harsh words.

Even their company CEO doesn’t have email ethic, she writes all hard words, which are painful, even they don’t respond to emails when employees are in need. They just have 10-15 employees working with them I hope they are all facing more or less similar problems.

I am lucky that I have moved out from this consultancy and my intension it to make everyone aware of this pissed consultancy.

Monetary Loss: $5800.

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This is just a shady company overall..my experience with them has been terrible..extremely low compensation that's the least..the guy Suria running the show...is cheap and dirty..he is perverted..LADIES PLEASE DO NOT WORK HERE..IT'S GROSS...AND DISGUSTING..Also this place should be reported big time! for various types of discrimination..


Hi... I concur with you...

He promised 80% and gave me only 70% when I got to know the vendor billing rate they told me that their payment department made a mistake...

One time I do agree it's a mistake but more than ones is not a mistake. They make you sign documents saying that they will give benefits but do not provide anything....

Did you contact Department of Labor for not paying your money?

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