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I dont agree at all with the above review. This guy is definitely a big crook and he is trying to give all wrong information to everyone to make them crooks like him.

I have got my H1 transfer from other reputed development company in 2011 and I got my approval with ease for 3 years and as themanagement promised they filed my GC Process on time. They never delayed a single day late in payments and paid me in full without leaving a penny which they promised at the time of hiring me. I have got my PERM cleared and I140 cleared and waiting for my prioirty date to become current so I get my GC. I want to still stick with this company after getting my GC too as I am sure I will not find a better employer than them to work with.

This guy dont know who the management is and has some personal grudges i think and tryign to blame their reputation. If anyone reads the above review kindly dont go with it as its not real.

I am ready to provide my contact details if ayone wants to talk to me regarding my experience with thsi company. I referred 5 people for this company and got good referal benefits which they promised and all my 5 friends r very happy and always praise and show their gratitude that I referred them such a good company.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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All the positive reviews are FAKE ....

Owner is a blood sucker and he does not pay salary.

Don't join this company.

Houston, Texas, United States #895798

Send me ur contact No# will check

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